Ismaël Desna ( born 1990 ) is a nude & conceptual french photographer, working between Paris, Barcelona, Bruxelles and London since 2015. He is the owner and founder of RGSP Magazine and co-founder or Art Blanquette Gallery

He had studied 2D and 3D Graphism, Special Effects for video games & short movies as well as Sound-Design and Musical composition at ISART Digital School ( Paris ). It is just two years ago, that he decided to try photography, one of its first passions and started to fully express himself as an artist.

Nude photography started for him like a side project and then evolved as the main one after more and more people started to support him and share his work. Ismaël decided in parallel to create his own photography magazine RGSP Magazine which showcase the work of internationally recognized photographers, movie-makers, illustrators and notorious models such as Erika Lust, Apollonia Saintclair, , Emanuel Ferrari, Larsen Sotelo, James Beddoes, Kristina Podobed, Chiarra Banchinno and many more.

His first ambition being to gather all different photographers of the new generation from the most explicit artists to the more mainstream ones, including various style like conceptual photography, erotic illustrations, night photography, body-friendly photography, LGBT photography and porn photography.

Since it’s debuts one year ago the magazine is now followed by a growing community of 65.000 followers on Instagram and has been funded & printed with a large success on Kickstarter in January 2018.

For his photography work Ismaël defines himself at the crossroad between fashion and erotism, between mainstream and underground. He explores the youth which he is part of, trough the spectrum of love, desire and sexuality, telling his own stories and those of models with his camera.

He loves to play with the audience, interrogate it, shocks it and tease people to make them part of a situation by using different technics of cropping, camera angles, photoshop montages and effects to suggest a variety of stories and interrogate the viewers.

Since he started only 2 years ago, Ismaël is a newcomer to the photography world but has already an undeniable eye and talent, the ambition to refresh erotism and makes it accessible to everyone.

Ismaël has founded in 2018 the Art Blanquette Gallery with his partner Laurine Hanquez who intend to promote the talented and surprising generation of artists from Barcelona and the rest of the world. Born out of a passion for the arts, the Art Blanquette is a home for artists,  the ideal place to enjoy art, meet professionals and build durable relations in a cosy and friendly atmosphere. Next editions will be soon held in Bruxelles, Paris and London. Stay tuned here !

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